Our Mission


Catapult Investment Group, LLC (CIG), was established in June 1995 for the purposes of identifying, acquiring and operating going concerns. By drawing on the extensive operational skills of its member-mangers, CIG seeks to combine proper management and strategy with the potential opportunities of small capital ($5-25M in annual revenues), private companies, resulting in greater returns on invested capital. As compared with the passive investor approach offered by traditional investment groups, CIG actively manages the acquired company on a day to day basis, augmenting existing management, thereby offering the greatest potential reward on investment, with limited downside exposure to an investor in a diversified portfolio.

Our Principals


Philip Gregory: Mr. Gregory was formerly the Chief Operating Officer of Memtek Products, Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary of Hanny Magnetics (BVI) Limited (traded on the Hong Kong stock exchange), a $350M seller of consumer and computer accessory products. Prior thereto Mr. Gregory was engaged in acquisition and divestiture activities for Memorex Telex N.V., a computer peripheral and networking equipment and software products company, and was responsible for the sale of multiple divisions and legal entities in both North America and Europe. Mr. Gregory holds a Bachelor of Science in Corporate Finance and a Masters of Business Administration from San Jose State University, in San Jose, California.


Angelo Grestoni: Prior to joining CIG in October 1995, from August 1991 Mr. Grestoni served as Vice President, Finance and Administration and Chief Financial Officer of Wall Data, Inc., a publicly traded provider of connectivity software products. In March 1993, Mr. Grestoni led the successful initial public offering of Wall Data and was also responsible for various acquisitions and strategic investments/alliances in which Wall Data participated. Prior to joining Wall Data, from 1987 through 1991 Mr. Grestoni held a number of senior managerial positions at Memorex Telex. From 1981 through 1987 Mr. Grestoni served as Controller to Burroughs Canada's Winnipeg based disk drive manufacturing facility. Mr. Grestoni received his Bachelor's of Commerce, with honors in Corporate Finance from the University of Manitoba, in Winnipeg Canada.


John "Sam" Winter: From 1983 through May 1995 Mr. Winter served in a variety of positions for Memorex Telex. Based in each of the United States, Italy and Switzerland, he last served as Senior Counsel and also held various project management, purchasing, product management and marketing positions. Following his departure from Memorex Telex, Mr. Winter was engaged on behalf of the firm in the sale of non-core businesses and assets (including real estate). Mr. Winter holds Bachelor of Science in Political Science and Juris Doctor degrees from Santa Clara University in Santa Clara, California.

Our Search


Catapult Investment Group is actively seeking investment opportunities and qualified investors for current and future investment opportunities.


CIG seeks to acquire companies, preferably in the manufacturing, distribution and/or transportation industries, both public and private, with annual revenues of between $10 million and $25 million.


CIG is also searching for qualified individual investors with suitable net worth and/or with adequate income levels and financial sophistication. In addition, CIG opportunities are available to managers of institutional and investment funds who are seeking the benefit of a diversified private investment portfolio.


For identification of suitable transactions and qualified investors, fees will be paid on closing.



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